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Turntable power supply »TraNt«  


When innovation meets high-end audio, beautiful music happens. At Brinkmann Audio, we’ve taken a giant step forward with our latest power supply creation –TraNt.  

Our journey into revolutionary power supply design began in 1995 with the introduction of the original RöNt Tubed Power Supply. Helmut Brinkmann’s visionary experimentation with vacuum tubes at every point in the audio signal path led to major sonic improvements.  


In terms of both Performance and Price, the solid state TraNt power supply falls between the RöNt and the standard power supply options. While TraNt delivers exceptional performance, it offers a more budget-friendly alternative when compared to the RöNt. It is an evolution of Brinkmann’s Performance Power Supply (supplied as standard with all Brinkmann Turntables), applying design principles we learned while developing the RöNt III and the BZ34 rectifier tube simulator.  


The TraNt’s impact is profound, manifesting as enhanced clarity, openness and an expansive sense of spaciousness during audio playback. Like all of our audio creations, the TraNt embodies Brinkmann’s evolutionary ethos, refined over a four decades of unwavering dedication to music reproduction. TraNt is 100% compatible with all Brinkmann Audio Turntables.  


Brinkmann TraNt


Optional power supply for all turntables
Power consumptionca. 35 Watts
Output voltagestabilized to 24 ..25VDC
Output current0...500mA peak
Weightca. 4 kg
Scope of deliverypower supply, power cord
Last update 10.03.2024
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